Donald Trump Jr. Rips Apart Liberal Actress' Anti-Gun Rant

Tim Dionisopoulos | October 5, 2017
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Now that's what you call a zinger. Donald Trump Jr. had the perfect comeback to liberal actress Patricia Arquette's unhinged tweet attacking gun owners.

Arquette claimed "You may have the right to have a gun but you don't have the right to shoot it at people because you are simply angry."

Trump Jr. had a blunt response.

"Solid points. Welcome to the Republican Party." he tweeted.


Game, set, match.

Trump's response proved popular, garnering over one thousand responses, over four thousand retweets, and nearly twenty thousand likes.

It's should be obvious that gun owners and Second Amendment proponents are not in favor of mass murder.

Tweets like this reveal how delusional Hollywood liberals automatically equate gun ownership with mass murder.
Perhaps they should get out of that bubble more often, but we wouldn't count on it.

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