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Actually, Donald Trump May Be Deporting Fewer Illegal Aliens Than Obama


President Trump is falling short of the deportation numbers set by his predecessor, according to Department of Homeland Security figures. 

According to Axios:

Under the Obama administration, total ICE deportations were above 385,000 each year in fiscal years 2009-2011, and hit a high of 409,849 in fiscal 2012. The numbers dropped to below 250,000 in fiscal years 2015 and 2016.

Under Trump, ICE deportations fell to 226,119 in fiscal 2017, then ticked up to over 250,000 in fiscal 2018 and hit a Trump administration high of 282,242 this fiscal year (as of June).

This could be, in large part, due to deportations being reclassified under the Obama admin. According to Snopes:

However, that statistic is somewhat misleading, as a significant portion of it was due to a change in the way “deportations” are defined that began during the Bush administration, not in the actual number of persons turned out of the U.S. As the Los Angeles Times noted, if not for that change in definition about what constitutes a “deportation,” the Obama administration likely would not have been a record-setting one in this area.

It’s safe to assume that if the Trump administration is defining deportations in line with past presidencies excluding the Obama administration, the discrepancy between the two has some sort of explanation.

Still, it is amusing seeing the man who Democrats constantly claim is a racist have less deportations than the supposed progressive hero that was Obama. 

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