DOE Fires Airport Panty Raider Sam Brinton

Matt Philbin | December 13, 2022
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Pity Lacy Underthings, er, Sam Brinton. The guy landed a plum Energy Department job because he’s mentally ill. The Biden administration celebrated his mental illness as ground-breaking,and  even sent him to a French embassy soiree with the equally delusional Rachel Levine. Fast forward a few months and Brinton has lost his job over … being mentally ill. 

That’s right. Brinton, the brave, pioneering, groundbreaking, inspirational, brave, nonbinary activist deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy has been fired due to his habit of bravely stealing women’s luggage from airports.

This, he is alleged to have done twice, at two different airports. The Washington Times reports:

According to police in Las Vegas, Mr. Brinton was spotted on the baggage claim area’s surveillance cameras taking a $320 woman’s bag that contained more than $3,500 worth of jewelry, clothing and cosmetics.

Score! This comes on the stiletto heels of another incident:

He also faces felony theft charges in a September theft at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, in which a woman’s Vera Bradley suitcase with $2,325 worth of contents was snatched from baggage claim.

Obviously, Brinton has expensive taste. It would be tough to afford those kinds of fine washables on a government salary. Kind of strange though. You know there are such things as security cameras. But according to Vegas cops, Brinton was "wearing a white T-shirt with a large rainbow-colored atomic nuclear symbol design.” Between that, the chrome dome and the ruby red lipstick, it's kind of tough to be inconspicuous. 

After the first bust, the brave, pioneering exceptionally virtuous DOE that hired Brinton put the mad panty raider on leave. And December 12, in the wake of the new allegations, a DOE spokesperson told the Daily Beast, “Sam Brinton is no longer a DOE employee.”

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Well, they must have been utterly blindsided by this behavior. After all, marginalized nonbinary victim … er, wait. According to Tyler O’Neill at the Daily Signal, licensed psychotherapist  Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr. says that back in Brinton’s activist days:

My colleagues and I warned lawmakers in California and Massachusetts, and the LGBT activist groups which were sponsoring him, about Sam Brinton’s ever-changing story about abuse he allegedly underwent in therapy because of his LGBT attractions.

So it turns out that the chance to land Cue Ball the Screw Ball was too enticing for the woke Biden administration to bother vetting him. 

Well, live by identity politics, die by identity politics.

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