DoD Doctors Say 7-Year-Olds Can Make Medical Decisions About Hormones & Puberty Blockers

Brittany M. Hughes | March 23, 2023
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In an article published in a reputable medial journal, several doctors within the U.S. Department of Defense - doctors responsible for caring for military members, their families, and their children - slammed anyone who opposes puberty blockers and hormone therapy for very young, pre-pubescent children, claiming that kids as young as seven are mentally capable of making their own medical decisions.

According to this, three physicians and a clinical psychologist co-penned a piece for the March edition of the American Journal of Public Health in which they demanded that all DoD medical personnel be trained on “gender affirming” care for children, including prescribing body-altering puberty blockers for kids. The authors include Natasha A. Schvey, PhD, and Drs. David A. Klein and Thomas Baxter, all of whom work at Travis Air Force Base in California. Also listed is Noelle Larson, who works as a pediatric endocrinologist at Walter Reed Medical Center.

But what if you're a doctor who actually cares about your patients and doesn't want to pass out puberty blockers to second-graders like M&Ms? Doesn't matter. While the article acknowledged a previous survey that found more than half of all military-affiliated physicians (53%, in fact) said they would never give puberty blockers to children, the group demanded all military medical staff be trained on transitioning kids regardless of their personal feelings on the matter.

Translation? Bake the cake, bigot.

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But what if you're not sure whether the child is actually struggling with their gender identity or truly understands what they're doing? Who cares - shoot them up anyway. In their article, the group argues against waiting to prescribe hormone therapy for small children who are struggling with gender identity issues, claiming that waiting is akin to "conversion therapy" and is illegal.

"Some well-intentioned military-affiliated clinicians may not be aware that a ‘watchful waiting’ approach has a different risk profile than a gender-affirmative approach (which allows for gender identity exploration), and that ‘conversion therapy’ is unethical, harmful, and generally illegal," they said. "Patients may face ‘gatekeeping’ and major delays in care, including protracted and pathologizing psychiatric evaluations that question patient motives."

The doctors also claim that “Prior research has found that children can begin participating in their medical decision-making as early as age seven years with gradual increases in decision-making capacity, and adolescents prefer shared decision-making."

I don't know about you, but I've never met a 7-year-old capable of deciding much of anything, least of all whether he should pump himself full of estrogen. And if these doctors are any indication, it seems like there are a few adults who aren't capable of rational thought, either.

At least the kid has an excuse.