Docs4PatientCare: "They Lied" about Rationing and Socialized Medical Care

Joe Schoffstall | July 20, 2010
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Dr. Fred Shessel of Docs4PatientCare, an organization of concerned physicians committed to the establishment of a health care system that preserves the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, has a message for anyone willing to listen: Politicians and those who pushed for health care reform lied about rationing and socialized medical care while implementing a "back door power grab that's dragging our country down the road to socialism." "I'm angry, and you should be too. The politicians, pundits, and ultimately the President of the United States told us again and again, "health care reform won't ration care." They lied. They said reform is not socialized medicine. They lied. They said it's not socialism. They lied. And then they nominated a socialist to run it", he says within the video.

Shessel particularly cites the controversial decision by President Obama to appoint Dr. Donald Berwick to be the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during a congressional recess. Berwick is an ardent supporter of the British health care system, which he has praised in the past. While addressing the health care system in the UK, Berwick flat-out suggested that we must redistribute wealth.

Any health care funding plan that is just equitable civilized and humane must, must redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. Excellent health care is by definition redistributional.
Furthermore, during the same speech, he spoke of his lack of faith in the free markets in health care.
Please don’t put your faith in market forces. It is a popular idea that Adam Smith’s invisible hand will do a better job at designing care than leaders with plans can do. I do not agree. I find little evidence anywhere that market forces bluntly used that is just consumer choice among a ray of products with competitors fighting it out, leads to the health care system you want and need.
You be the judge on Dr. Donald Berwick.