'Do Your Job and Not Let Kids Die': Broward County Sheriff's Dept. Gets Trolled for Flaunting New Car

Caleb Tolin | June 25, 2018

Sunday afternoon, the Broward County Sheriff's Department tweeted a picture of their new -- and what looks like expensive -- Dodge Charger. 

This is the county that was home to the infamous Parkland school shooting earlier this year and where the March for Our Lives movement began.

The Broward County Sheriff's Department was embarrassed after it was revealed that one of their officers remained outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while the shooting occurred and that the department missed several signals about the shooter leading up to the day of the massacre. 

That being said, people are lighting up the department on Twitter questioning if this is really the way they should be spending their resources.

Parkland survivor and avid Second Amendment advocate, Kyle Kashuv, also chimed in to let the Twitter-sphere know what he thinks:

I wonder if the champions for change Emma Gonzales, David Hogg, and Cameron Kasky will tell the sheriff what they think, too.