‘DO US A FAVOR AND RESIGN!’ Loudoun County Parents Rip School Board, Ziegler After Rape Coverup

Gabriel Hays | October 27, 2021
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Loudoun County parents did not come to play at the latest Loudoun County School Board meeting on October 26. 

After several weeks of disturbing revelations that Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) officials downplayed and lied to parents for six months about a rape perpetrated by a boy in a dress in a local high school restroom, angry Loudoun County school parents descended upon the latest school board meeting and tore its members apart.

The biggest question for most of these incredulous parents: why on earth haven’t the board members, or the school superintendent Scott Ziegler at the very least, resigned? They broke Virginia law by not disclosing multiple instances of sexual assault to the public, not to mention they put students’ safety in jeopardy by not being forthcoming about these shocking incidents.

For nearly two hours, parents cycled to the podium at the school board headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia, each to give their allotted 60 second statements on their perspective of how the school board has been running things. 

Every single one of them was outraged, and each accused the school board of neglecting their children. One concerned mother slammed the LCPS supervisors for having “done their damndest to silence us [parents]” in order to protect themselves.” A father told the board, “you have failed us as parents!”

A Loudoun County dad vowed to the board, “We will not stand by while our children are being harmed, mentally, spiritually, and even now physically by your mismanagement, malfeasance and evil policies.” 

Well that really sums it up, doesn’t it?

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Several of the parent speakers came to personally address LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler, who was recently revealed to have known about the shocking May 28 rape on the day it happened. 

Though Ziegler had denied any knowledge of a rape case months after the incident – he infamously told parents at a June board meeting he had no knowledge of such an event – a recent FOIA request revealed an email he sent to Board members the day of the rape detailing how they would handle it.

Many of the parents at the meeting brought with them a large print-out of the incriminating email and demanded that Ziegler and his staff resign for the cover up. One parent wearing a MAGA hat and a “Rubin Report” t-shirt, approached the podium with the email hardcopy, and said, “You sat in front of us, you sat in front of the media, you sat in front of everyone and said you weren’t aware of any sexual assaults.”

He then pointed to the email and said, “you sent an email, a very timely email, referencing the exact thing you told the world didn’t happen.” Concluding his 60 second speech, he demanded, “You need to do everyone a favor and resign! All of you, resign! Just do it!” 

 Sounds like good advice. God bless the Loudoun County parents.