Do Straight People Still Have Rights? Man Arrested in PA for Quoting Bible Across the Street from Pride Event

Nick Kangadis | June 7, 2023
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What I’m calling “identity privilege” reared its ugly head once again last Saturday in Reading, Pennsylvania when a Christian man was arrested for quoting the Bible across the street from a Pride event at the local city hall.

Damon Atkins was loudly and clearly quoting the Bible when Officer Bradley McClure, who had confronted Atkins about his protest just seconds before, arrested the man seemingly violating at least three aspects of his First Amendment rights — the rights to free speech, freedom to assemble and religious freedom.

Prior to the arrest, McClure had told Atkins to “respect” the event and to “let them have their day.”

The problem with that is that Atkins, like he said in the video clip, was on public property and therefore Constitutionally protected to do what he was doing. Funny how the cops get brave and arrest protesters only when the counterprotest doesn’t fit the establishment-approved narratives.

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And those protesters — oh, around three summers ago — were allowed to commit multiple crimes without opposition by police who hid behind barricades and local government red tape.

In the complaint filed by McClure, he wrote that he told Atkins “he was free to stand on that side of the street and hold his sign, [but] he could not cross the street no yell comments intended to disrupt the event.”

Yes. Yes, he could. That’s freedom of speech. You don’t see cops stopping a shrieking leftist from interrupting a speaker by making so much noise that they drown out said speaker.

To compound the stupidity on behalf of the Reading City Police Department, they reportedly charged Atkins with “Disorderly Conduct Engage in Fighting.”

For quoting the Bible? What does that charge even mean if not just a poor example of English comprehension?

For full context of what happened to Atkins, watch below:



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