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The DNC Is Voting on Condemning the Show 'Designated Survivor'


DNC superdelegate William Owen submitted a resolution to "admonish the ABC TV show 'Designated Survivor' and to defend FBI Director James Comey."

In the show, a fictional version of the FBI director is blackmailed into confessing a crime that he did not commit. The resolution facetiously declares to "defend James Comey," though it is an obvious smear. 

The text of the resolution states "Director Comey demonstrated in the recent 2016 election that he did not need to be blackmailed to engage in illegal partisan actions." It goes on to state that Comey's "partisan and illegal letters" resulted in the election of Donald Trump, who is childishly named as "not my president." 



While the resolution is obviously a joke, it is a blatant waste of Democrats' time. One hardly sees the point of this stunt, unless the author legitimately believed he was being clever. 

But then again, has the DNC ever been anything other than a waste of time? 

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