DNC Chair Uses Ridiculous Metaphor Capitalizing on Devastating Hurricane Dorian

Monica Sanchez | September 9, 2019
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Does the phrase “too soon” mean anything to anyone?

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez in an interview over the weekend capitalized on the present and ongoing pain and suffering of thousands in the Bahamas – all for the purpose of telling yet another metaphor to criticize President Trump.

Here’s some context for you:

Hurricane Dorian was a Category 5 hurricane when it made landfall in the Bahamas Sept. 1, devastating much of the islands and leaving an estimated 70,000 people homeless. The death toll rose to 45 over the weekend and is expected to continue to rise. Recovery and search and rescue efforts are still underway, as thousands remain missing. There is no power or running water. The aftermath has been described as resembling a war-zone.

That being said, there is nothing innocent or coincidental about remarks Mr. Perez made on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, calling Trump a Category 5 storm.

Perez already laid on the dramatics thick by saying that America’s “democracy as we know it” is at stake come 2020. He took it even further, calling the president “Hurricane Donald” and saying that at the center of the storm is “our democracy” itself.

“This is Hurricane Donald. It’s a category 5 storm. In the eye of the storm is our democracy. We need to take our democracy back,” said Perez.

“All our candidates understand the gravity of the moment,” he continued. “They understand whoever wins, they’ll support the Democrat.”

Perez said all of this while discussing the possibility of some Democratic candidates who do not qualify for the debates considering a third-party run.

He said that he believes each candidate is being given their “fair shake,” “so that at the end of the day we’re together, united around beating Donald Trump and implementing hour vision of inclusion and opportunity.”

“United around beating Donald Trump” sounds like their official slogan in the making

His remarks come ahead of the next Democratic debate in Houston, Texas on Thursday.

Watch his comments below.



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