DNC Chair Says GOP Won Virginia Thanks to 'Racial Hatred,' 'Fascism and Fear'

Brittany M. Hughes | November 4, 2021
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Instead of realizing that everyday Americans don’t respond kindly to being labeled “racists” just because they oppose public schools teaching white kids that whiteness is inherently evil, the Democratic Party is doubling down on their theory that the only reason Republicans win elections is because of white supremacy.

Or, so says Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison, who told MSNBC’s sympathetic Nicole Wallace that Republican Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governor’s race Tuesday because of “racial hatred.” 

“Are you surprised that Republicans took this real distortion of what Critical Race Theory is, a theory taught in law schools, not in public elementary schools, and turned it into such a thing for their voters?” Wallace asked Harrison, in perhaps the most teed-up softball question since the last time a reporter interviewed Joe Biden.

Harrison predictably responded that he was “not surprised at all.”

“Listen, I’m a Black guy who grew up in South Carolina. We know dog whistles when we hear them,” he continued, insinuating that South Carolina is a racist state in which black folks are systematically oppressed.

“But the sad part is that you even have some press who are following up with some of these same issues. I had an earlier interview today, and the person interviewing me said that, yeah, Critical Race Theory, and that it’s taught in public schools in Virginia. I’m like, which ones? This is a theory in law school,” he went on. 

“This is a dog whistle to divide people. And so, let’s call it what it is. It is about racial divisions, racial hatred, racial animosity. And that’s what they want to focus on right now,” Harrison continued, adding, “It’s sad to see where the Republican Party is going because they have become a party of fascism and fear. Those are the two things that really motivate them right now, and that is sad.”

Except that it’s not a “dog-whistle” at all – it’s an actual part of the Virigina Department of Education’s public school, curriculum, as explained right there on their website.

On it’s "Anti-racism in Education" page, the VDoE explicitly states:

In classroom practice, anti-racist pedagogy acknowledges the importance of racial and cultural identities, honors voices and experiences of people of color, teaches through collaboration and dialogue, examines power and oppression, examines discrimination as systemic, critiques traditions of schooling, and advocates for social action…Drawing from critical race theory, the term “white supremacy” also refers to a political or socio-economic system where white people enjoy structural advantage and rights that other racial and ethnic groups do not, both at a collective and an individual level.


It also seems Harrison completely missed - or, more likely, is pointedly ignoring - that the same exact election in which Virginia voters elected Youngkin as their next governor also elected Republican Winsome Sears, the daughter of immigrants and the first black woman to be elected to statewide office in the commonwealth's history, as their lieutenant governor, while also electing Republican Jason Miyares, the son of a Cuban immigrant, as their next attorney general.

How very racist of them. 

Perhaps, instead of blaming anything and everything on racist white folks who are apparently terrified of the black neighbors they’ve happily lived next to, worked with, and raised their children alongside for decades, Harrison should first make sure he’s got his facts straight before blathering on about supposed bigotry.

Or, perhaps he and his fellow liberals can keep doing exactly that, and fed-up Americans can continue to reject it at the polls.