Disturbing: New Poll Finds 60% of Americans Support 'COVID Passports'

Brittany M. Hughes | May 6, 2021
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More than half of Americans think so-called “COVID passports” are necessary to resuming normal life post-pandemic, in a disturbing new trend against personal choice and privacy rights.

The poll, conducted by a pharmaceutical company called USA Rx, found that of the 1,000 people between the ages of 24 and 64 that were polled, a full 60 percent of respondents said they supported the notion of vaccine passports as a way to get back to life as we knew it. Only 28 percent say they were against the idea, while 11 percent were on the fence.

And while the difference was definitely split along party lines, the divide might not be as great as you’d think.  While the poll unsurprisingly found that 74 percent of self-identified Democrats were in favor of vaccine passports, 49.8% - almost exactly half - of Republicans also said the same. And while more Democrats said their primary concern with COVID passports was the possibility of fraud and the inability of a business to verify whether the document is real or not, Republicans were far more likely to say they were concerned about their right to privacy.

In short, “COVID passports” is a short way of saying that businesses, organizations and other entities would be allowed to ask to see proof of someone’s COVID vaccination record before allowing them to enter, and also permits them to deny entry or service to those who haven’t gotten The Jab.

Florida, for one, has already banned businesses from requiring a person’s vaccination record to receive service, saying it will fine any public or private entity $5,000 per violation for implementing a “passport” rule. Texas has also outlawed the requirement via an executive order signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in early April.