Disgusting: NYPD Remove Mom and Crying Boy From a Pizza Parlor For Being Unvaxxed

Brittany M. Hughes | December 28, 2021
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A video is going viral today showing New Your City police officers removing a mother and her young son from a restaurant for being unvaccinated.

The disturbing video shows the moment a large cadre of cops hover over a woman and her child while they’re sitting in the booth of a local pizza joint, demanding that they leave the establishment because they haven’t gotten The Jab. The clearly frightened little boy can be seen crying and clinging to his mother as the officers ask them to get up from the table.

“Unless you have vaccination cards you have to exit the restaurant,” an officer can be heard telling the outraged crowd as the mom gathers her belongings and picks up her sobbing child. “If you leave voluntarily, there will be no charges pressed against you. Otherwise you will be arrested for trespassing. This is your only warning.”

NYC officials recently issued a mandate that all adults and children over the age of five are required to show proof of vaccination to dine indoors, enter gyms, or participate in indoor recreation in the Democrat-controlled Big Apple – despite the fact that these businesses are privately owned and not funded or maintained by the government.

Earlier this month, NYPD officers arrested six of roughly 30 unvaccinated, unmasked protesters who staged a sit-in at a local Cheesecake Factory in protest of the city’s vaccine mandate.