Disgusting: Jordan Peterson Ridiculed for Emotional Defense of Men

Jason Cohen | September 30, 2022
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On Wednesday, Jordan B. Peterson cried in an interview with Piers Morgan when they discussed the topic of helping disaffected men. 

“I thought the marginalized were supposed to have a voice,” Peterson tearfully said. “It’s very difficult to understand how demoralized people are, and certainly many young men are in that category.”

Instead of expressing admiration, pity, or even just attempting to empathize with why he feels so deeply about this, heartless leftists are mocking him.

Since Jordan Peterson's rise to prominence, he has been relentlessly ridiculed over the fact that a large portion of his audience is young men. Sometimes it is even described as “young white men.” 

How awful! As if speaking to them is a sin and they should merely be ignored and shunned from society. 

It is noble for someone to speak to men if they are helping them become better people, but of course it is dangerous to weaponize them for evil causes. If liberals did a basic analysis of his content, they would see that Peterson is the former and not the latter. 

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The left is not concerned about the plight of men, as if every last one of them is a privileged oppressor, especially the white ones. 

Peterson was similarly demeaned during a long period of illness he and his family experienced. It would be awful enough if Peterson was the only victim of this level of cruelty, but unfortunately it is also indicative of the treatment of suffering men in general. 

Conservative political commentator Matt Walsh summed it up perfectly in a tweet: “Jordan Peterson is hated by the Left simply because he speaks to men and tries to help them rather than heaping scorn on them. That's all it takes to make you a villain in our culture.” 

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