'Did You Bring Your Gun?' - Steven Crowder Uncovers Antifa's Violent Plans, While the Media Turns a Blind Eye

Nick Kangadis | September 29, 2017
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Just when you think the media couldn’t be any more bought and paid for, someone comes out with evidence that makes them seem even shadier.

Conservative podcast host and comedian Steven Crowder sent in his cohort, "Not Gay Jared,” to infiltrate Antifa undercover to expose the violent nature of the group ahead of a speech by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro at the University of Utah.

What Jared uncovered while talking with three Antifa members was astounding.

Antifa, who are apparently completely paranoid after receiving so much media attention, had Jared download an encrypted messaging application in order to send and receive messages with other “legitimate” Antifa members.

While filming with an undercover camera, Jared also spoke with Antifa members about what they were planning ahead of the Shapiro speech. The Antifa members revealed the specific types of weaponry they were possibly going to use against those who oppose Antifa, including a “regular rifle,” an “assault weapon,” and a “sawed-off style shotgun.” Another member was caught on camera stating that they had “two AKs coming" before handing Jared an icepick.

They also suggested Jared go to a military surplus store and buy a five-inch “Ka-Bar,” a deadly combat knife.

Jared felt like the situation was getting too dangerous for him to be there, so he made up an excuse, left, and turned the footage over to the police. The local university cops, who knew about Crowder’s and Jared's undercover project and had also been monitoring Antifa's movements, said they were grateful for the video.

Unfortunately, the media wasn't as interested. Crowder and his crew told two separate media entities -- one local, the other part of ABC’s Nightline -- about the footage they'd gotten. In response, the reporters simply walked away.

Who could blame them? They have statues and NFL players kneeling to worry about.

The young Antifa woman whose violent threats were exposed in the footage has apparently now filed a complaint with YouTube to get Crowder's undercover video taken down.

Crowder reportedly received an email from the YouTube Support Team notifying them that the video “may be removed” by YouTube after 48 hours, should the complaint be valid.

It’s not.

Utah, where the video was taken, is a single-party consent state. Meaning, if you take video, you can share it without the consent of the other person you filmed.

And it’s not like YouTube, a company owned by the liberal leaning Google, would suppress free speech, would they?

Check out Crowder's undercover exposé here: