Did Madonna Leave U.S. Over Trump?

Eric Scheiner | August 2, 2018
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Madonna has left America. It seems you can thank President Trump for this.

According to Fox News, Madonna has suggested in a new interview that she relocated her family from Manhattan across the Atlantic Ocean to Portugal to escape Donald Trump.

Madonna spoke to Vogue Italia about the motivation behind her big move to Lisbon, Portugal saying "this is not America's finest hour."

Fox reports:

Another reason why Madonna moved to the European country was to help further her son David's budding soccer career.

'I've been desperate to get him into the best academies with the best coaches, but the level of football in America is much lower than the rest of the world,' Madonna explained. 'I saw his frustration, and I also felt it was a good time.'

Since one her last major performances in the U.S. was to express her thoughts about “blowing up the White House,” it might have been a good time to leave.

"The revolution starts here" Madonna told the audience at the Women's March in DC in January. Apparently, its end is in another country.


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