Did Climate Conscious Buttigieg Pretend To Bike To Work?

Sergie Daez | April 2, 2021
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UPDATE April 8, 2021: On April 5th A Department of Transportation spokesperson stated that Pete Buttigieg rode his bike from the DOT to the White House and back to the DOT at the conclusion of the meeting. This additional information has been added to this story and the headline has been altered to reflect this additional information.

Jamie Raskin's crocodile tears were downright hilarious, but when it comes to idiotic leftist politician stunts, Pete Buttigieg takes the cake.

President Joe Biden’s Secretary of Transportation has made it clear that he wants to protect the climate, and to display his commitment to the cause, he spurned using a car and decided to bike to a cabinet meeting on Thursday.  

Unfortunately for Buttigieg, a CNN reporter caught him removing his bike from the rack of an SUV, as was reported by the Blaze.

It’s safe to conclude that Buttigieg may have the eloquence to promote climate change, but perhaps he doesn’t have the leg muscles. 

Since the Twitter video went viral, there has been debate on exactly how far Buttigieg rode the bicycle.

Since the original publication of this piece it has been reported that the transportation secretary biked both to and from a Cabinet meeting at the White House, according to a spokesperson at the Department of Transportation. If true, it is approximately a 3 mile distance between the two locations. The exact location of where the video showing Buttigeig getting on the bicycle offloaded from an SUV was recorded remains uncertain.

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