Dictatorial Trudeau 'Unfreezes' Bank Accounts of Convoy Members & Supporters

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 28, 2022
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Evidently, lockdown-loving, rights-crushing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau likes to act before many people can consider exactly what he’s doing.

Like he did on February 15, executing his day-old “invocation” of the so-called “Emergencies Act” before the required legal process of Parliamentary and Senate votes even began, and similar to how he and his Finance Minister/Deputy Prime Minister (and World Economic Forum Board member) Chrystia Freeland started freezing bank accounts belonging to people involved with or supporting the Freedom Convoy before any of the targets were afforded even an accusation of criminal activity (let alone a trial), Trudeau has changed course, unilaterally claiming he is both ending the “Emergency Act invocation” and “unfreezing” those accounts (he had offered banks legal immunity for doing so of their own accord.)

All happening before the Senate could vote, and all circumventing not only the process for the “Emergencies Act,” but the 1960s-established Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – a process and a document I explain in great detail, here.

Many speculate that Trudeau pivoted because of the backlash, and the fact that the Senate appeared ready to not approve initiation of the Emergencies Act (again, please refer to my earlier piece to see how that power-grab act, itself, breaches key portions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms).



But Trudeau had already usurped power. Whether he “decides” to stop stomping on rights is beside the point. He has set a dark precedent that crushed dissent, attacked journalists, trampled an innocent woman beneath an enormous police horse, and saw a deeper lockdown of Ottawa businesses that he unbelievably claimed he was "saving" by imposing lockdowns and mandates on them and their supply chain connections for two years.

The Daily Mail's Natasha Anderson reported February 24 that, simultaneous to his reversal on the “Emergencies Act” crackdown, Trudeau reversed his attack on innocent peoples’ bank accounts. Not because it was extrajudicial and penalized people who had not even been accused of a crime, let alone stood trial, but because, in his eyes, he, the Great Leader, had gotten the “emergency” (that HE proclaimed as such) under control.

Canada has ordered banks to unlock accounts belonging to people who participated in or supported the weeks-long Freedom Convoy protest that saw near 200 arrests and brutal force response from police.

This opens fruitful avenues of exploration.

For example, what happened to some of the innocent people Trudeau shut out of 206 bank accounts and 253 crypto accounts, merely because they supported a protest (a protest that actually saw a decrease in Ottawa’s violent and property crime rate, saw protesters cleaning the streets and feeding the homeless, and saw protesters supporting each other, and local Ottawa businesses, not destroying them, a-la BLM or Anti-FA?

One of those innocents was a lady who donated just fifty Dollars, Canadian:

Among those targeted was a single mom on a minimum wage job who donated just $50, according to one local Conservative MP, sparking outrage over what critics of Trudeau claimed was authoritarian behavior.

The “claim” or authoritarian behavior is not merely a claim. The definition of “authoritarian” was achieved the moment Trudeau breached the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (which assures the right to private commerce, as well as travel between provinces and the rights to peaceful assembly, engage in journalism, and speak without government suppression), and Trudeau increased his authoritarianism by unilaterally acting on the “Emergencies Act” before even THAT authoritarian power-document had passed through the legal Parliamentary and Senate process. And even IF the Emergencies Act had passed both houses, as I explained in my earlier piece on the Act and other legalities, any “EA” moves the Prime Minister might attempt would have to be approved and set into motion by a body called the Governor In Council.

By definition, acting outside this process is authoritarian.

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And, though many in the Canadian and U.S. media are not discussing Trudeau’s shameful behavior, and thought it’s possible the Prime Minister might want people to overlook the criminality of it, including his attack on bank accounts, many freedom-minded people are noticing, and spreading the information.

And we are noting how Trudeau’s action is a dark harbinger for a government-created digital currency.

When we can see philosopher and psychologist Jordan Peterson suggest that Canadians get their money out of the electronically-connected banks, even as central bankers float proposals to create digital currencies, we can see that we aren’t alone in our concerns about this looming facet of central banking and government “regulated” banking systems.

Should the U.S. switch to a "digital Dollar," not only will the feds invade our banking privacy, as they have been doing since Congress passed the Financial Recordkeeping and Reporting of Currency and Foreign Transactions Act of 1970, and which they ramped-up even more with the passage of the “Know Your Customer” reporting mandate that was included in the PATRIOT Act of 2001 (sorry if you bet on the Fourth Amendment protecting you from the political sharks), the government handcuffs on bank accounts will be heavier and more pervasive.

With such a currency, the agents of the state can not only create worthless money – something they already do, and which always benefits the government and their crony friends at the expense of the people – they can take away money without trial, and, as the Chinese government plans for its Digital Yuan, they can literally place expiration dates on the money they issue, prompting people to spend, rather than save.

This is precisely what former Biden nominee for the Comptroller of Currency Saule Omarova advocated prior to her withdrawal from consideration for the post.

Of course, if one goes deeper, he or she can see that liberty is threatened by the very idea of a “Comptroller of the Currency” and “banking regulations” – and once everything is made electronic, or electric (as numerous politicians want to do for your home heating and even your ability to travel via their wondrous Electric Vehicles) they will have you in their government grid, able to shut you down at any time.

Just like Trudeau began to do in ham-fisted fashion to scores of innocent people in Canada.

The landscape is visible. It’s ugly, and freedom is not on the map.

Perhaps it’s time to change course.

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