DHS To Release 1,800 Illegal Aliens Into El Paso This Weekend As Surges Max Out Detention Facilities

Brittany M. Hughes | March 22, 2019

The Department of Homeland Security is scheduled to release some 1,800 illegal aliens into the El Paso, Texas area this weekend alone thanks to a recent surge in migrants unlawfully coming cross the border coupled with maxed-out detention facilities.

KVIA reports ICE officials told local charity groups they planned to release about 600 illegal aliens a day over the weekend, while churches and non-profit groups scramble to find places to put them.

Annunciation House, a charity that works with ICE to provide temporary housing to illegal aliens released into the United States, is now begging every church in the El Paso area to shelter at least 20 migrants to solve the crisis, saying their facilities are already at capacity after ICE released another 200 aliens Tuesday night.

As for the local government, they say their ability to provide shelter is a no-go. From KVIA:

Laura Cruz, a spokeswoman for the City of El Paso, said the City cannot legally provide shelter for the immigrants.  The City stepped in to try to prevent ICE from releasing the immigrants into the streets with a plan to offer the Nations Tobin Sports Complex in Northeast El Paso as a "regrouping site" where the migrants could wait until their temporary accommodations were secured by Annunciation House.

The El Paso Police Department is now also begging for help, going so far as to issue a press release Wednesday stating, "Urgent. Volunteers are needed today and tomorrow to help local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) with influx of migrants released yesterday and today.”

DHS reportedly told Breitbart News that they couldn't confirm how many aliens they'd be releasing this weekend, but said they have no choice but to release migrants into the local community as detention facilities are at capacity and new swarms of illegal aliens, mostly families and children, are streaming across the border every day needing to be processed. 

"The current volume of family units crossing the border combined with limited transportation resources, time restrictions on families in government custody, and finite space at family residential centers have all contributed to the current state of events," ICE said, per Breitbart. "ICE is releasing families to NGOs [non-governmental organizations] that provide assistance with immediate basic needs such as temporary shelter, food, water, clothing and transportation services; however, many of these organizations are overwhelmed due to the ongoing influx of families at the border."

El Paso isn't the only U.S. city to be dealing with an influx of illegal aliens being released by ICE with nowhere to go. MRCTV reported Wednesday that roughly three busloads of migrants were dumped at a Greyhound bus station Tuesday with no plans for immediate shelter, leaving local churches scrambling to figure out how to provide shelter and food.