Devin Nunes Calls Media 'Puppets of the Democratic Party' During Impeachment Inquiry Opening Statement

Nick Kangadis | November 19, 2019
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Finally! Someone actually said it on record during this complete waste of taxpayer money, otherwise known as the impeachment inquiry hearing.

Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) delivered his opening statement Tuesday morning, and the congressman didn’t mince words about how he feels about the media.

“On a nearly daily basis the top news outlets in America reported breathlessly on the newest bombshell revelations showing that President Trump, and everyone surrounding him, were Russian agents,” Nunes said.

That’s when Nunes went through a litany of media headlines that he claimed were all “false,” including headlines from CNN, the New York Times, Slate, New York Magazine, The Guardian and BuzzFeed.

“All of these were false,” Nunes said about the the specific headlines he used from each of the outlets perviously mentioned.

“There was no objectivity or fairness in the media’s Russia stories, just as a fevered rush to tarnish and remove a president who refuses to pretend that the media are something different from what they really are — puppets of the Democratic Party,” Nunes continued.

Boom! Thank you for saying it, and thank you for saying it on record.

Watch Nunes’ comments about the media from his opening statement below:


Just because people on the right, along with the majority of people who just don’t trust the media, bash the media, that doesn’t mean that the media is under attack. It simply means that the media have procured too much power and are now being held to account.

A lot of them should be ashamed to have the nerve to call themselves “journalists.” I have a degree in journalism, but I don’t call myself a journalist because I add commentary to my articles. Therefore, in good conscience, I don’t call myself a journalist.

But, I wouldn’t expect someone like CNN President Jeff Zucker to understand a little thing like integrity.