Despite Heaping Praise on Himself for Lowering Fed Deficit, Biden Regime Spent $4 Bil. a Day in 2022

Nick Kangadis | January 18, 2023
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Your federal government wants you poor as well as reliant on them. They want your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and anyone else coming along in the next couple hundred years to be poor and subservient as well.

How do we know? Because they print and spend more of OUR money than we have, creating a slave class that will continue to pay the government’s bills while they get rich for generations to come.

According to Just the News:

The Congressional Budget Office this month released the final details of federal spending in 2022 showing the federal government had a $1.4 trillion deficit last year, borrowing roughly $82 billion in December alone.[…]

MacGuineas pointed out last year's borrowing totals more than $10,000 per household and $4 billion per day.

The federal debt surpassed $31 trillion in the fall.

You didn’t read that wrong. OUR federal government spent an average of $4 billion a day in 2022, something only surpassed by the previous year of President Joe Biden’s regime in which the government spent twice as much.

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And even though Biden, or whoever runs his Twitter account, likes to tell people that the federal deficit dropped to the aforementioned $1.4 trillion in 2022, what he isn’t telling you is the also aforementioned 2021 numbers, which he and his handlers were also responsible for.

“Biden has touted a reduction in the deficit last year from $2.8 trillion to $1.4 trillion,” Just the News reported. “While that is true, the $1.4 trillion figure is still much higher than when he took office. In 2019, the budget deficit was less than one trillion dollars.”

Democrats like to slam dunk on the Trump years whenever they can without directly referencing the numbers during Trump’s final two non-COVID years, because it would make them look really bad.

As noted above, Trump’s final, relatively uncorrupted year in office (2019) saw the federal deficit dip below 13 digits, which translates to less than a trillion dollars for those playing the home game. That still wasn’t really a good thing, but at least it wasn’t the numbers the Biden regime’s been putting on the American taxpayers’ shoulders the last couple of years.


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