Desperate Stormy Daniels At YG Concert: 'I'm the Reason Donald Trump Is F***ed'

Brittany M. Hughes | November 11, 2019
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Y’all remember Stormy Daniels? Porn star…stripper…hirer of sleazy lawyers prone to exploitation and blackmail?

If you’re having to refresh that particularly mental browser, you’re not the only one. In the past year, Daniels has largely lost every public give-a-damn she'd managed to briefly scrape together through flaunting her supposed affair with a rich married man. Now, it seems the adult film maker known best for accusing Donald Trump of paying her $130,000 in hush money to cover up their alleged encounter is desperately trying to stay in the spotlight – literally.

Enter rapper YG, who made headlines a couple weeks back for dragging a poor fan up on stage and demanding the guy yell “F*** Trump!” into the microphone. When the young man refused, YG kicked him off stage in an avalanche of profane insults.

Today, YG’s back in the news for yanking Daniels – who proved a much more cooperate stool pigeon – up on stage to yell “F*** Trump!”

Daniels saw YG’s simple demand and raised him one hilarious claim, taking her moment back in front of a microphone to claim, “I’m Stormy F***ing Daniels, and I’m the reason Donald Trump is f***ed!”

That little display of desperation to remain relevant was followed up by a vulgar re-enactment of Trump’s alleged…erm…encounter with Daniels. 

Poor Stormy. It must be so difficult thinking you were going to dismantle an entire national election, only to wind up forking over nearly $300,000 in legal fees while watching all your lawsuits getting dismissed. But while she’s definitely not “the reason Donald Trump is f***ed,” but he sure is the reason anyone even knows who she is.

Well, by her face, anyway.