Designer Karl Lagerfeld Says He'll Give Up German Citizenship If Merkel Admits More Refugees

Brittany M. Hughes | May 10, 2018
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Chanel creative director and fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld might wear some pretty outrageous outfits, but his stance on Germany’s migrant crisis seems to make a lot of sense.

The German clothing designer told a French publication this week that he’d renounce his German citizenship if German Chancellor Angela Merkel lets in another 1 million refugees – on top of the 1 million she’s already allowed in.

From the Washington Examiner:

"Did she [Merkel] really need to say it was necessary to welcome one million migrants at a time when France, which casts itself as the land of human rights, pledged to take in 30,000?" Lagerfeld told French weekly Le Point in an interview released Thursday.

"If this keeps up, I'll abandon German citizenship," Lagerfeld warned.

The designer also said he blames Merkel for the recent emergence of German alt-right political figures and activists, saying the chancellor’s single-minded devotion to immigrants over her own people is what’s given rise to more extremist xenophobic views.

“’The AfD didn't exist, yet with one sentence she made it exist by alienating two million voters and sending 100 of these neo-Nazis into parliament,' he said, referring to the 92 AfD lawmakers who obtained seats in the Bundestag in last September's election,” the Daily Mail reported.

Despite his eclectic wardrobe and celebrity status in the fashion world, Lagerfeld’s sentiments seem pretty in-line with many ordinary Germans’, who polls have shown have become increasingly concerned about their country’s ability to take in more migrants.


(Photo Credit: Siebbi)