DeSantis SLAMS ‘Unconstitutional’ Biden Mandates: ‘That’s Not Leadership’

Gabriel Hays | September 10, 2021
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Governor Ron DeSantis does not suffer fools lightly and that’s exactly why he’s slamming the geriatric-in-chief over his unconstitutional vaccine mandates. 

Less than a day after President Biden made a reckless attempt at compelling Americans to get a shot they have the right to refuse by threatening their jobs, the Florida governor hit back at the mandates, calling them “unconstitutional” and “anti-science.” 

He then topped it off by slamming Biden’s contemptuous attitude, calling him out for constantly blaming others for his own failures and never accepting his role in his disasters. *cough* Afghanistan *cough*. “This guy doesn’t take responsibility for anything,” the governor said. 

Oh, it was gold. 

Conservative pundit and TPUSA Chief Creative Officer Benny Johnson shared DeSantis’s spicy retort to Biden’s workplace vaccine mandates on Twitter on September 10. In video of the DeSantis press conference, a journalist asked the governor about Biden’s mandates, and he did not disappoint. He came out swinging. 

“When you’re taking action that’s unconstitutional, that threatens the jobs of people in my state … I’m standing for them. We’re going to protect their jobs.” Now, THERE’S that leadership we’ve been looking for.

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To recap, Biden’s disturbing mandates, enumerated at a White House press conference on September 9, will require all U.S. federal workers under the executive branch to be vaccinated with no exemption, and require all federal contract workers to do the same. Additionally, all workers in “health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid also will have to be fully vaccinated.” 

And the worst part: all private businesses with 100 or more employees must require their workers to be vaccinated or get tested weekly. Needless to say, this unprecedented mandate will cost many people their jobs. 

Of course, DeSantis understands the authoritarian nature of these mandates. “Here he comes from Washington D.C. instituting an unprecedented mandate -- which even his own people have acknowledged in the past is not constitutional,” he said in the speech.

“That’s not leadership,” the governor declared.

But then DeSantis really distilled what his problem with Sleepy Joe is, and it’s one we all feel. “This guy doesn’t take responsibility for anything,” he stated, as members in the crowd applauded. “He’s always trying to blame other people, blame other states. This is a guy that promised when he ran for president that he would ‘shut down the virus.’ If you look now there’s 300% more cases in this country today than a year ago, when we had no vaccines at all.”

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. 

DeSantis also addressed how to deal with “unconstitutional” leaders like Biden. “These are times when you believe in that Constitution, you got to stand up.” 

Thank goodness we have leaders in this country like Governor Ron DeSantis to guide us in these kinds of times. Floridians sure are blessed to have him.

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