Denver Nuggets Win NBA Title, But Superstar Jokic Wants to Get Home ASAP

John Simmons | June 13, 2023
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The Denver Nuggets won their first title in franchise history Monday evening by defeating the Miami Heat in five games, but you wouldn’t be able to tell based on how Nikola Jokic reacted after the final buzzer.

The Nuggets’ superstar and Finals MVP didn't soak up the adulation or make the moment about him. In his on-the-court interview following the final buzzer, Jokic was asked how it felt to reach basketball’s highest summit.

His answer was quick and to the point.

He wasn’t being overly modest about wanting to go back to his native Serbia either. When asked if he was excited for the customary championship parade that will take place on Thursday, Jokic was anything but excited.

The man really wants to go home. But what’s driving his desire to get back to Europe?

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In addition to justifiably being homesick, and getting away from the media that constantly discredits him and his abilities, he wants to race horses.

And he’s not just watching horses that he owns, either. He actually races them himself.

If I had that cool of a hobby waiting for me back at home, I’d be anxious to get the parade over with too.

To be fair, even a player as humble as Jokic can’t completely lose sight of what he just accomplished. After all, he did just win a title and become the first player ever to lead everyone in the playoffs in points, rebounds, and assists.

Maybe he’ll be in more of a mood to celebrate after a few laps on the track.


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