Denver Mom Says Her 9-Year-Old Son Killed Himself After Getting Bullied For 'Coming Out' As Gay

Brittany M. Hughes | August 29, 2018
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A Denver mom says her 9-year-old son killed himself last week after being bullied at school for “coming out” as gay.

Leia Pierce said her son, Jamel Myles, told her over the summer – at just nine years old – that he was gay, adding he later told her he wanted to start dressing more “like a girl.” She said he was excited to go to school and tell all his classmates. 

Last Thursday, just four days into the new school year, Pierce went to her son’s room to find he’d hung himself. She says her daughter told her Jamel had complained to her about being bullied at school, alleging other kids had told him to commit suicide. 

Now, Pierce says she wants to hold Denver Public Schools accountable for reportedly doing nothing to stop her son from getting bullied, a pattern she claims started last year.

Pierce has at least one valid point – bullying is no joke, especially when coupled with a myriad of other factors like fatherless homes, poor socioeconomic conditions or mental health issues. In fact, data shows more middle schoolers today are dying from suicide than car accidents, spurred in part by factors like the nearly overnight rise of social media.

But perhaps it’s just as equally concerning that our ultra-progressive society is now indoctrinating kids as young as kindergarten on adult topics like sexuality and orientation, some going so far as to hold “gender reveal” ceremonies for pre-pubescent children in the classroom. It seems counterintuitive to introduce kids to complex adult issues like gender dysphoria and sexual preference before they’ve even hit puberty, then express shock when they fail to handle it in an adult way.

Perhaps, while pondering solutions to bullying, we should also consider going back to letting kids just be kids.

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