Denver Authorities: ‘Not A Protest – It Was Anarchy’

Eric Scheiner | August 24, 2020
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“I want to be clear what we experienced last night was not a protest - it was anarchy,” Denver Safety Director Murphy Robinson said Saturday.

“The narrative that these anarchists are marching for justice of black lives is frankly false,” he added.

“The anarchists that showed up last night brought weapons, they had guns, explosives, axes, machetes, they had one intent purpose and that was to harm our officers.” 


Protests outside Denver Police Headquarters have been going on for months, but this past weekend saw violence leading up to 9 arrests.

CBS4 Denver reports:

Protests against police brutality have been going on for months and some in the community feel not enough has been done to address the issue. It’s unclear at this point who organized this gathering. A flyer online called for people to bring gear. It also said municipal leaders refused to address demands to abolish DPD.

“We know there is a coordinated effort to inflict some of these riotous activities.  We saw some of it last night in Chicago and other cities,” Mayor Michael Hancock explained during a news conference about damage.




The station reports that area residents are bracing themselves for more potential riots.

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