Dennis Rodman Calls For Calm: 'We Have to Live Together,' 'We're Human Beings, We're Not F***ing Animals'


Who would've thought that one of the voices of reason during such a divisive time would be 5-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman? If you know anything about "The Worm," while he is a polarizing figure, Rodman always left his physicality on the court. No matter what you think of Rodman, he made some sense in an Instagram video he posted on Sunday.

Rodman posted a video to the social media platform to try and appeal to unity instead of the division we've seen at the hands of rioters and looters in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

"I think someone needs to come out and say, ‘Hey, guys, why are we looting? Why are we stealing? Why are we creating more issues, more problems?'" Rodman said.

That's a good question considering there's yet to be a good answer for the destruction in response. We hear that "people are angry," and that anger seems to be justified. But how does destroying property serve anyone's purposes besides those that want to see the American way of life itself burn to the ground?

Rodman also conveyed that people who are responding to this "bad, bad situation" don't need to resort to rioting and looting to prove a point. The 59-year-old former NBA Defensive Player of the Year closed out his video message by delivering a final plea to the more rational of those involved.

"Please understand, we have to live together,” Rodman said. “We’re human beings, we’re not f***ing animals. We're human beings."

For Rodman's full comments, watch below:


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H/T: New York Post

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