Dems: SCOTUS Is ‘Working To Dismantle Our Democracy’ – Lefty Court Packing Needed To Fight Racism

Eric Scheiner | April 15, 2021
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Democratic lawmakers discussed their proposed “Judiciary Act of 2021” in Washington DC on Thursday. Arguing that the Supreme Court is currently "working to dismantle our democracy" and that to disagree with them on this issue would be supporting racism.

“I wish we didn't have a far right Supreme Court majority that is hostile to democracy itself but here we are. And the fact is, if we want to save our democracy, we must act before it is too late by restoring balance of the Supreme Court,” Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) said about the measure that would add 4 new justices to the Supreme Court.

As leftists often do, Jones quickly brought racism into his argument.

“Our democracy faces its greatest test since Jim Crow. From the insurrection at the Capitol to the racist voter suppression being attempted all throughout the United States of America, the far right is at war with our democracy. What I want people to understand is that this crisis did not arrive overnight, rather, the Supreme Court has been an accomplice. In fact, the Supreme Court, specifically the Roberts court, has been working to dismantle our democracy for years,” Jones said.

Other than not being happy that leftist justices don’t make up the majority of the court and that future decisions may not go their way, Democrat lawmakers in support of the measure also claimed that 13 is a “proper number” of justices and that they are actually “unpacking the court.”

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“I'm glad to join my colleagues in introducing the Judiciary Act of 2021 to establish the Supreme Court size as 13. That's a nice number -it is not a nice number. It is a proper number that matches the number of circuits as it has historically  - and it also will enable us to do justice and to rectify the great injustice that was done in packing the court,” Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said.

“Some people will say we're packing the court. We're not packing it - we're unpacking it.”