Dems Bring In a Furry/Witch to Advocate For Abortion Before Congress

Patrick Taylor | July 26, 2022
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Thought Democrats were scraping the bottom of the barrel when they hosted an “abortion storyteller” who called her abortion “an act of self love” and a professor who accused Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) of transphobia on the House floor? 

Somehow, you’d be wrong.

Last Tuesday, Democrats invited Paulina Guerrero, a national program manager at an abortion clinic, to discuss the impacts of Roe v. Wade’s reversal and explain “why abortion is ‘absolutely necessary’” to the House Oversight and Investigations subcommittee.

Per LibsOfTikTok, however, Guerrero apparently does a little work on the side. Based on her online presence, the Democrats’ witness also “appears to be a member of a witch coven that engages in furry play.” Because, of course she is.

For the unfamiliar, the term “furry” here refers to a bizarre internet subculture obsessed with anthropomorphic animals. The community is associated with, let’s just say, a host of unsavory activities on- and off-line.

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As former President Trump would say, “they’re not sending their best”!

If cringe comedy isn’t your thing, I’d advise you not to watch the video below.

Unfortunately, the video is only a small part of Guerrero’s bizarre online presence. LibsOfTikTok has backed up a number of the pro-abort witness’s online activities on her blog, if you care to see them.

Given the aforementioned information, Guerrero didn’t exactly say anything surprising on the House floor. Her testimony included the usual woke pro-abort talking points, like referring to abortion as “care,” complaining about the stigma surrounding the murder of babies, and plenty of nonsensical phrases like “pregnant Latinx people.”

If Guerrero and underage prostitution defender Sam Britton are any indication, the online activist wing of the Democratic Party is officially beginning their ascent to political power. Prepare accordingly.

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