Demographic Change Driving Texas And Other Parts Of Country Blue

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For years the concept of population replacement through mass immigration was considered a fringe conspiracy theory. Then the mainstream media began publishing articles confirming that this was already happening.

Native birthrates for multi-generational Americans have dropped while America has been flooded year after year with over 1 million immigrants for the last 20 years. These trends are artificially destroying the Republican party all while inflating the power of Democrats through more congressional seats and electoral votes. The control of state and local politics has been slowly shifting blue in places like Florida, Northern California, Virginia, and soon Texas could be added to that list.

Texas has been a solidly red state but due to immigration, both legal and illegal has slowly turned the state bluer.

From The Hill:

Texas demographics today are strikingly similar to those of California in 1990, before Democrats began their seven to nothing streak of Golden State victories in presidential races. Like California in 1990, the Texas population currently hovers around 29 million and is changing rapidly in light of heavy immigration from Mexico. The second generation children of Mexican immigrants have played a major role in keeping California out of Republican reach. This same transformation is taking root in Texas. 

An article from The Hill tries to attribute this switch as something similar to what happened to California after the passage of Prop 187. This has been debunked by the The Daily Caller, which attributes it to a demographic change hyper-accelerated after the 1986 amnesty bill passed by Ronald Reagan.

After this amnesty California would turn into a nearly one party state. 

Texas has also seen an influx of individuals from California. The Hill says the influx is driving the State blue in addition to the demographic changes.

It seems if Democrats can’t win over voters with ideas - they'll just import a new voter base. A base that is beneficial for their party. 

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