Democrats Announce Support For Strong Borders and Armed Citizens...In Ukraine

Brittany M. Hughes | February 25, 2022

Democrats have officially come out in support of strong borders and arming citizens… …in Ukraine.

Following the unprompted Russian invasion of Ukraine, a conflict that has raged for about 36 hours and has so far seen the death of more than a dozen Ukrainian soldiers and left hundreds more people wounded, the U.S. political party that has spent years decrying America’s national sovereignty and the right to keep and bear arms is now rallying in support of ordinary Ukrainians being armed with automatic weapons to defend their borders against an invading enemy.

“BREAKING: Ukraine's Interior Minister announces that 10,000 automatic rifles have been handed out to the civilians of Kyiv as they prepare to fight tooth and nail to defend their homes against Putin's invasion. RT IF YOU STAND WITH THE BRAVE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE!” Occupy Democrats, a progressive grassroots fundraising group, tweeted Thursday.

The account also tweeted out the alleged story of a Ukrainian pizza shop owner giving free food to armed citizens.

Ironically, the same exact group praised a recent California law allowing people to hold gun manufacturers liable if their weapon is used in an unlawful shooting.

Occupy Democrats also has a long history of supporting left-wing open border policies allowing droves of illegal aliens to flood into the United States at the expense of taxpayer dollars and Americans' safety, but has come out in strong support of Ukraine's right to defend their own borders from a Russian incursion.

The hilarity of the double standard wasn’t lost on Twitter.