Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier Blames Trump For Iran Shooting Down a Ukrainian Plane

Brittany M. Hughes | January 10, 2020

Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier blamed President Donald Trump for Iran’s shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane over Tehran earlier this week, calling the incident, which claimed the lives of 176 people, “collateral damage” from the president’s “provocative” handling of Iran. 

“If what is being projected is true, this is yet another example of collateral damage from the actions that have been taken in a provocative way by the president of the United States,” Speier told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Thursday.

“I would say that the continued saber rattling by the president doesn’t help us,” she continued,adding, “Iran has been a bad actor. Soleimani was a bad actor. But there are many people in that region and around the world who are bad actors. We have to find a way to live together and attempt to move towards peace.”

While Iran claims the plane went down due to a mechanical malfunction, the U.S. intelligence community, along with officials from allies including Canada, say the plane was shot down by an Iranian ballistic missile, potentially by mistake.

But apparently, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. Because of course.