Democratic NY Governor Grants Sex Predators, Cop Killers Voting Rights

Patrick Hauf | July 24, 2018
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Welcome to New York, where convicted sexual predators get to vote.

The New York Daily News is reporting that New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is granting conditional pardons for thousands of criminals, 77 of which are sexual offenders who have been “deemed too dangerous to be returned to the community.”

The pardons from Cuomo are reportedly under a new policy that focuses on giving criminals the right to vote after they leave prison.

The Daily News report details the story of one specific pardoned criminal named Hector Aviles, who is better known as the “voodoo rapist.”

Aviles, 61, was convicted of second-degree rape for convincing underage teens they should have sex with him because his “rituals” would bring them good luck.

Another criminal who was convicted earlier this year was Herman Bell, who murdered a police officer.

Cuomo's aides claim the thousands of pardons were granted once the criminals were either paroled or released from prison.

Republican legislatures in New York are expressing their disgust with the move from the governor. 

“This is hands-down the most egregious public policy misstep Andrew Cuomo has made in his eight years as governor, and it shows that he will do virtually anything for a few extra votes,” said Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan. 

Are Cuomo's policies about the votes? That's up to you to decide.