Democrat State Sen. Lands In the Hospital After Being Attacked By Protesters

Brittany M. Hughes | June 24, 2020
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A Democrat state senator landed in the hospital after being attacked by nearly a dozen “protesters” in Madison, Wisconsin Tuesday night.

State Sen. Tim Carpenter, 60, said he stopped to take video of the unrest taking place near the state Capitol – unrest that also left two statues destroyed and multiple businesses vandalized – when he was jumped by a mob of rioters.

‘I don’t know what happened … all I did was stop and take a picture … and the next thing I’m getting five-six punches, getting kicked in the head,’ Carpenter told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Video that Carpenter took at the scene shows him pointing his camera phone towards a group of rowdy protesters when one woman breaks from the group and charges him, screaming at him to stop filming. An altercation ensued, cutting off the video feed. Bystanders reported Carpenter was seen kneeling by his car after the attack, and that paramedics were called after he collapsed trying to walk to the Capitol.

Carpenter said the attack left him with a concussion, blurry vision and soreness.

“I took this pic- it got me assaulted & beat up,” Carpenter wrote on Twitter. “Punched/kicked in the head, neck, ribs. Maybe concussion, socked in left eye is little blurry, sore neck & ribs. 8-10 people attacked me. Innocent people are going to get killed. Capitol locked- stuck in office. Stop violence now [please]!”