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Democrat Shoots a Man After a Heated Political Facebook Argument


A pizza delivery guy and a felon get into a political Facebook argument. What happens next? One of them gets shot, of course. 

The toxic political environment seems to of reached a new high, as a Democrat in Tampa Bay, Florida reportedly shot a man after the two engaged in a heated political debate online.

Brian Sebring, 44, was arrested after shooting Alex Stephens, 46, in the lower leg and buttocks.

Police say Sebring, a registered Democrat, drove two miles to Stephens’ house after receiving threats from him in their online exchange. He then waited outside in his car for Stephens to confront him. Once Stephens came outside and started running towards him, Sebring shot him twice with his Glock.

"The victim ran away and the defendant fled the scene," police said.

The two men previously went to school together at Robinson High School, but it is unknown how close they were and what exactly their Facebook argument was about, other than that it was political in nature. Stephens’s voting record is not available because he is a felon. 

Sebring, a married father of two and pizza delivery driver, currently sits in jail with his bond at $9,500.

Add getting shot to the list of reasons why you should never get into a political Facebook argument.

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