Democrat Senate Candidate Compares US Detaining Illegal Aliens to Chinese Torture of Uyghurs

Brittany M. Hughes | July 17, 2020
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Texas Democratic Senate nominee M.J. Hegar, who's running to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. John Cornyn, compared the U.S. detention of illegal aliens who cross the border unlawfully with China’s long-documented treatment of Uyghur Muslims, who are routinely rounded up and sent to forced labor camps because of their ethnicity.

"When we are committing human rights violations on our southern border, not only is it immoral, but it's also impacting our ability to have influence globally," Hegar, an Air Force veteran, said during a call with her supporters, according to the Washington Free Beacon. "We cannot lecture China on their treatment of the Uyghurs…We cannot start looking like the countries and the governments that we are supposed to be the opposite of."

Of course, Hegar’s comparison lacks…well, pretty much any credibility whatsoever, and for a host of reasons. First, there’s a pretty stark and obvious difference between illegal aliens who knowingly cross the border of a country without permission, and a group of people whose land was annexed and who are being persecuted based on their ethnicity. 

There’s also a clear distinction between a government detaining a lawbreaker at the border to protect its people against unwanted or dangerous intruders, and a communist dictatorship kidnapping people – men, women and children alike –and forcing them to work in sweatshops, where women are often sterilized and people are habitually abused, raped and brutalized. Earlier this month, U.S. Customs and Border officials seized a shipment containing 13 tons – not pounds, tons – of human hair shipped in from China believed to have been produced by - and perhaps even forcibly taken from - Uyghurs being held in the Chinese government's concentration camps.

But, of course, that's exactly the same as apprehending a stranger coming across a country's border unlawfully, detaining them to make sure they're not a danger to the general public, then letting them go with a bus ticket and a notice to appear in court that you know they're likely to ignore.

Exactly the same, Hegar.



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