Democrat Rep. Accuses Trump of 'Torturing Children' For Political Gain

Eric Schaffer | June 25, 2019
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As Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to become a focal point of the Democratic party, more politicians continue making outlandish claims in order to "own the cons."

The latest spate of absolute lunacy comes from Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), who claimed that Donald Trump is “torturing children” in order to get Democrats to make a deal with him on his long-promised border wall.

In an interview on CNN, Bass said, "You cannot tell me that the federal government does not have money for toothpaste and soap."

“How dare you torture children to try to get a compromise out of Democrats?" she continued. "I am sorry, but hearing about children walking around in soiled diapers, hearing about children taking care of toddlers, you are talking about straight-up child abuse, and I think that this needs to be condemned internationally.”

Well, even ignoring the fact that many of these abhorrent standards were ignored for eight years during Obama’s tenure, the White House has a conflicting report on the issue. 

On Face the Nation Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence claimed the conditions in U.S. detention centers were a result of congressional Democrats' unwillingness to compromise on funding and border security.

"They continue to delay efforts on additional humanitarian support," Pence explained. "It could happen in 15 minutes if Democrats in Congress simply step up and agree to close the loopholes that we know human traffickers are using to exploit vulnerable families."

While both sides point fingers at each other over the border crisis and inhumane conditions in detention centers, everyone should be able to agree that perhaps saying Trump is "torturing children" for political gain is just a bit of a stretch.

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