Democrat Misuses Bible to Defend Elective Abortion

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | January 16, 2023
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The only thing worse than defending abortion on demand is trying to use the Bible to do it.

Michigan Democratic Rep. Hillary Scholten used her “pro-choice Christian” values to defend abortion in her opposition of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act that passed Wednesday, Jan 11. Her misuse of biblical principles has become a common tactic of the left. 

The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act aims to help babies who survive abortions. Essentially, if a child is not fully killed during the process of abortion, this act would require doctors to perform life saving measures on the child instead of finishing the job out of the womb. Rep. Scholten, like many of her democrat colleagues opposed the act and thinks infanticide is a woman’s “choice.”

During her speech she explained how she suffered a difficult pregnancy and miscarried a baby. She called the child her “daughter,” proving that she knew she was a child, not a mere “clump of cells,” but still advocated for abortion. “As a pro-choice Christian who chose life, this issue is so personal to me,” she said. 


That statement alone is flawed. If you claim that you’re pro-choice, you’re essentially saying that even if you personally choose not to have an abortion, you don’t care if other people do, which is still a way of affirming that you support abortion. Not to mention, abortion is against the Bible, so someone cannot be a “Christian” and advocate for something that contradicts biblical values, but, that's exactly what Scholten did. 

I’m guided by passages like Jeremiah 1:5, which states, ‘I knew you before I formed you and placed you in your mother’s womb. It doesn’t say the government’s womb or the speaker’s womb, it says the mother’s womb. I believe life is precious, but I reject the idea that if I embrace the sanctity of life, I also must be forced to invite the federal government in to regulate it.

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What the verse really does is affirm the fact that a child is a child, a “you,” in the womb and therefore, should be protected. The child is an innocent human being and that verse, in context, shows that God has a plan for every single person before they even exist in the world. 

Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden regularly misuse the Bible as an attempt to rally Christian support for abortion but the Lord is explicit in His words regarding the sanctity of life, even and especially in the womb. 

Scholten’s baloney didn't work as the Act was passed later that day. Still, 210 democratic lawmakers did vote against it. Their vote suggested their support of letting a born-alive child to die on a table rather than try to save them. 

These people are sick and trying every effort and argument they can conduct to show their undeniable anti-life values.

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