Democrat Links SCOTUS To ‘Ghosts Of The Confederacy’ - So, Other Dems?

Eric Scheiner | February 9, 2022
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To at least one Democrat, the Supreme Court is illegitimate because it is seemingly haunted by “Ghosts of the confederacy”.

Rep. Hakeem Jefferies (D-N.Y.) sent out the following tweet on Tuesday:



In other words – the ghosts of other Democrats?


Jefferies’ cries of racism come after the Supreme Court put a stay on a lower court decision that blocked the state of Alabama from using its new congressional district map. It was not a final decision, but a stay to “allow this Court to decide the merits in an orderly fashion—after full briefing, oral argument, and our usual extensive internal deliberations —and ensure that we do not have to decide the merits on the emergency docket.”

It’s an interesting perspective to find justices that want to hold “extensive deliberations” on an issue to be “illegitimate.”

But if you can’t scream “racism” at everything you disagree with, you probably wouldn’t qualify as a good leftist.

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