Democrat Congresswoman To Keep Money Given By Jeff Epstein

John Romero | July 9, 2019
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U.S. Virgin Islands Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D) office says they have no intention of returning any money given to them by billionaire Jeff Epstein.

Plaskett's office was contacted by the Daily Mail and said they have no plans to refund the $8,100 in donations at this time.

While many of the crimes Epstein faces are currently allegations, he was convicted of crimes of prostitution in Florida. All the evidence was placed under seal. Meaning that the victims couldn't see the extent of his crimes and the public could have no access to them.

According to Daily Mail: 

A spokesman for Plaskett's office said that she had no plans to refund the donations for now, according to the site. 'I’m pretty sure she’s not,' they were told, before it was later confirmed that she was unlikely to return them. No further comments about the case or donations were made. 

Rep. Plaskett wasn't the only one to receive money from Epstein. Daily Mail also reports that:

Epstein has contributed more than $145,000 to democrats running for public office according to CNBC. He also donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Other beneficiaries include Harvard University, which has yet to state whether they will return the donations, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Now arrested by the Southern District of New York, Epstein faces charges of sex trafficking. Also during the arrest, a search warrant was carried out on his Manhattan apartment, where federal agents claimed lewd pictures of young girls were discovered.