Democrat Congressman Calls Anti-Mask Parents 'Looney Carnival Barkers'

Brittany M. Hughes | November 30, 2021
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When he’s not sleeping with Chinese spies or making a fool out of himself while trying to talk about firearms, California Rep. Eric Swalwell likes taking aim at anyone who disagrees with him – often proving, in doing so, why he’s so easy to disagree with.

This time, Swalwell’s aim is at parents who don’t want their young children to be forced to wear a face mask or get vaccinated in order to attend public school, and who’ve made that point very clear to their local school boards (which, I may remind you, are paid for by taxpayers, including those parents).

According to the California Democrat, if that at all describes you, you’re just a “looney carnival barker.” 

“I’m losing my Covid patience. I’ve tried to reason with the unvaxxed. I’ve directed some to medical pros. I don’t judge but hear them out and steer them to facts. The unvaxxed love to say it’s about choice. But you know who doesn’t have a choice? My 3 kids under 5,” he  tweeted, while failing to explain why he’s worried about his small children falling victim to a disease that rarely affects children, almost never lands them in the hospital, and doesn’t kill them.

“Blah blah blah you have a right to not get vaxxed. Fine,” he went on. “Then business and government have a right to tell you that you’re not welcome to patronize or you can’t get on a plane. Because what right do you think you have to expose my kids to your Covid?”

“As parents, let’s own the outrage. The looney carnival barkers at the school board meetings DO NOT reflect where most parents are. Your unvaxxed status is creating new variants. So get your damn shot. Or, stay inside your house. But don’t mess with my kids,” Swalwell blathered.


Perhaps someone should explain to Swalwell that calling taxpaying moms and dads “carnival barkers” and telling them to stay inside their homes or inject themselves and their kids with a vaccine they don’t want isn’t likely to endear voters to support you at the polls.

A Virginian, perhaps.  

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