Demo Lovato Says 'Alien' Is 'Derogatory' Toward Extraterrestrials

Brittany M. Hughes | October 12, 2021

Pop singer-slash-leftwing moral arbiter Demi Lovato thinks we should stop using the term “aliens” – not because it’s derogatory toward foreigners living in the United States illegally, but because it might offend actual aliens.

As in, little green men from outer space. Or green women. Or green asexual non-binary, two spirit individuals. Or those who identify as azalea bushes.

Holy crap, I don’t even know anymore.

Regardless of said alie- er, extraterrestrials’ gender/sexual/identity preferences, Lovato, who is currently hosting a show on Peacock in which she goes looking for UFOs, says we should stop using the mean “a”-word to describe them because it might hurt their little Martian feelings.

“I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything,' Lovato said. 'That's why I like to call them ETs! So yeah, that's a little tidbit. A little information that I learned.”

Learned from where? No one knows. Then again, what can you expect from a woman who thinks she's neither male nor female and was at one point traumatized by the sight of diet products at her local frozen yogurt shop?