Dem. Strategist on Trump Supporter Being Assaulted: 'Oh My Goodness, Poor White People'

Zach Montanaro | November 14, 2016
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Just when things looked like they might be calming down...

On CNN Monday, Democratic strategist Symone Sanders responded to Donald Trump supporter and former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie referencing a man being dragged from his car and beaten up for supporting Trump by saying, “Oh my goodness, poor white people.”

The comments came as Sanders, a former press secretary for Bernie Sanders, and Higbie were asked about the ongoing protests against president-elect Trump’s victory. While both said that resorting to violence was wrong, Sanders criticized Trump for not taking action and simply telling people to “stop it,” while Higbie pointed out that both Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton and President Obama have been silent on the issue.

“I think there should be a real serious hatch-down here of the law and just say look, stop doing violence upon other people, stop doing violence upon neighborhoods-” Higbie was saying, before being interrupted by Sanders.

“Hate crimes and protesting are not the same things. We cannot normalize this,” she stated, before going on to define what a hate crime was. “That is not the same thing as protesting.”

“I don’t think Carl was disputing that, though,” anchor Kate Bolduan quickly chimed in. “Well he should make it very clear because what I heard is both people on both sides should just cut it all out, and a hate crime is not the same thing as protesting,” Sanders again said.

When Higbie tried to bring up the incident of a man being pulled from his car and beaten while people recorded the incident and yelled anti-Trump slurs, Sanders responded, “Oh my goodness poor white people! Please oh my- stop. Stop it Carl.”

It’s worth noting that the assailants drove off in the man’s car after beating him. No arrests have been made as of Monday afternoon.

Sanders went on to claim that she was calling for people to be peaceful, to which Higbie said they both agreed upon.

Telling people to remain peaceful is one thing, but it’s certainly not helping when someone is saying that out one side of their mouth but blaming the other side for the violence out the other. That’s a lesson both sides need to learn, and fast.

To see the comments, watch the video below:



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