Dem On Soda Ban Bill: ‘Nanny State’ Is Not A Bad Thing

Eric Scheiner | February 16, 2018
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Nannies know best. At least that’s what some Granite State lawmakers think.

WMUR reports lawmakers in New Hampshire are considering a bill that would ban soda in children’s meals at all restaurants.

After reading that, you may think, “shouldn’t that decision be left up to the parents? Isn’t this a case of laws creating a nanny state?”

The answer from at least one state Democratic lawmaker is - nannies know best.

From WMUR:

I guess this bill has been ridiculed as a 'nanny state' bill," said Rep. Timothy Horrigan, D-Durham. 'I know many people think the nanny state is an inherently bad thing, and I'm sure you're going to hear that during the debate, but a nanny is someone who protects, cares for and teaches small children, so being a nanny is not necessarily entirely a bad thing. 

I love when Democratic lawmakers describe themselves as caring, teaching, nannies and their constituents as small children. Horrigan’s comments give some great insight into liberal-think.

The proposed New Hampshire bill requires food service establishments that offer kids meals to limit drink choices to milk, water, sparkling or flavored water, or juice.

Under the measure, a customer could still order a soda for a child, but that would have to be done separate from the meal at what one would assume is a greater cost - because nannies can be expensive.