Dem Rep. Switches To GOP: ‘Democratic Party Has Become Unrecognizable’

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 5, 2023
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Sorry not sorry to the baby killers in the room. 

Tricia Cotham, former democratic representative for North Carolina just switched parties. Her shift is a pivotal move as she’s now considering more abortion bans in the state. 

Cotham took office just three months ago but due to the Democratic Party’s insane policies as of late, she decided to switch to the right. 

“This has been something I have considered for a very long time. I have seen the Democratic Party change tremendously. When I came here and when I campaigned to be here, I really believed I could make change in the Democratic Party,” Cotham stated in April. 

Cotham realized that the left may be too far gone for saving. 

A few months ago Cotham stood on the side that wanted to keep abortion, the murder of innocent babies, legal, acceptable and celebrated. But now, Cotham’s stance has pivoted. 

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Here’s what she tweeted out last May:

But now, Cotham claimed she’s open to passing more life affirming laws and was even wearing a cross necklace in an interview. 

Presently in North Carolina, abortion is available through 20 weeks of pregnancy. The state has become a hub for pro-abortionists from surrounding states who have put in place pro-life laws that keep baby killing to a minimum.

With Cotham’s shift, North Carolina will give Republicans in the House a supermajority, 72 of the 120 seats. House Speaker Tim Moore (R-NC) explained that state republicans are looking to pass a 12-week abortion ban and Cotham’s new position will help them pass that with “veto-proof majority power,” as Huffpost put it.  

Cotham shouldn’t be blamed for having to switch parties, as she said, “The modern day Democratic Party has become unrecognizable to me... If you don't do exactly what the Democrats want you to do, they will try to bully you. They will try to cast you aside,” which is spot on considering how ostracizing the left is when it comes to views that differ from their lockstep narrative. 

As evidence, check out what a few former supporters of Cotham had to say when she switched parties. 

Many lefties are now calling for Cotham to resign which even further emphasizes her point that the left only likes you if you’re all in for their woke, progressive, hop-on-the-bandwagon type view.

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