Dem Rep. Compares NFL Rams Players To U.S. Founding Fathers


Rep. Al Green (D-TX) – who was among three Congressmen who took to the House floor to make the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture on Monday – commended the NFL St. Louis Rams offensive line for fighting for justice, just as the Founders did. 

“I also want to note that what happened with the Rams players was a seminal moment, and I want to legitimize what they did.”

He compared the Rams players to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Washington wasn’t perfect, but we honor him. Jefferson wasn’t perfect – We honor him. I am going to honor them for what they did at that seminal moment..." 

He continued, "Just as I believe John Carlos and Tommy Smith should be honored for what they did, when they held their hands up indicating that they were protesting at the Olympics in ’68.”

According to the House representative, the "hands up" gesture serves as a visual representation of protesters' refusal to accept injustice.

Earlier in the meeting, he made sure to defend himself and the two other Congressmen who made the popular gesture Monday evening.

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In response to apparent criticisms such as, “What is wrong with them?” Green popped off,  

What is wrong with them? Here’s is the answer, my dear brother [House Speaker]. The same thing that was wrong with the pilgrims, and caused them to come to Plymouth Rock. The same thing that caused persons to throw tea over, into the Boston Harbor. The same thing that caused farmers to traverse the country on tractors and come to the United States capitol to protest. The same thing that caused Rosa Parks to take a seat on a bus against the law. The same thing that caused Dr. King to march from Selma to Montgomery. The same thing that caused them to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge on what’s known as Bloody Sunday. What’s wrong with these people? They refuse to accept injustice. I refuse to accept injustice.”

He holds himself in high esteem, apparently. 

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