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Dem Rep. Clyburn: Bill Of Rights ‘Uprooted’ If Put Before Public Today


House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) says he’s “not too sure” the Bill of Rights would pass these days and that he speaks with voters everyday that “would like to see so much of those guarantees uprooted.”

Clyburn made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday, “You know what? I really believe sincerely, the climate that we’re in today, if the Bill of Rights - the first 10 amendments of the United States Constitution - were put before the public today, I’m not too sure that we would hold onto the Bill of Rights.” 

“Especially when I see what people are doing with the Second Amendment and no telling what they would do with the First Amendment.”

Host David Gura responded, “You really believe that? That’s a startling statement. You believe that?”

“Absolutely. There would be a strong support against the Bill of Rights. Go through the Bill of Rights and I’ll tell you I run into people every day who would like to see so much of those guarantees uprooted,” Clyburn replied.

Not a big surprise. Clyburn is the House Majority Whip, so you can imagine how many Democratic events require him to have conversations with other party leaders.


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