Dem. Congressman Says Parental Rights Over 'Our Kids' Education 'Shouldn't Trump' Anyone Else's

Brittany M. Hughes | November 15, 2021
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A Democrat Missouri congressman thinks parents do have rights over "our kids" in public schools – just, not more rights than any other taxpayer.

As school boards across the country find themselves besieged by parents angry over dictatorial mask mandates, left-wing ace-baiting propaganda pervading school curriculums, and pro-“trans” policies that have put girls’ safety at risk (just to name a few), Rep. Peter Merideth, who represents Missouri’s 80th congressional district, comes in hot with this take: 

“Parents have rights in public education,” he generously began.

“…[B]ut [parental rights] shouldn’t trump the needs of children, nor the rights of all Missourians that pay for that public education,” he continued. “That’s why elected school boards exist, to hear everyone with a stake in public education, and do what’s best for our kids.”

Hear that, mom? You do have rights – good on you! But your rights, as they pertain to what your adolescent child does and doesn’t have to do, learn, tolerate, or risk during his or her 7-hour school day are subject to the whims of the public en masse – including taxpayers who may or may not have children themselves, and who may believe that your underage daughter should have to change into her gym clothes in the same private spaces as boys who think they’re girls, or who may believe that teachers should be able to tape face masks to her face, or that indoctrinating her to believe her white skin makes her inherently racist is an appropriate lesson for her second-grade class. (Thus encapsulating one of many problems with “public education,” paid for by tax dollars forcibly taken from all citizens but affecting only those with school-age children, and as detailed extensively in many pieces from my fellow MRCTV writer, Gardner Goldsmith.)

The simple truth is this: Parents’ voices in education should trump their childrens’. Because their children are children. And because those childrens’ “needs” should not be determined by a group of adults who aren’t their parents and whose ideology may be so far off base that they think kids can and should change their gender based on what toys they like to play with, or that 12-year-olds should be asked about their oral sex history, or who believe that math and grades are racist.

Parents’ rights should trump the “rights” of other stakeholders who don’t have a child in the public education system. Because it is not my 22-year-old childless neighbor’s “right” to determine what liberal garbage should be shoved down my preschooler’s throat.

Because they aren’t “our” kids. My kids are MY kids. Your kids are YOUR kids. Not the district's. Not the county’s. Not the school board's.

And perhaps the best - and only - way to demonstrate our rights as to the education of OUR OWN CHILDREN is to pull them from the bloated, collectivist cesspool of “public education” that thinks our children belong to a bureaucratic system that has already proven kids are acceptable sacrifices on the altar of their left-wing agenda.

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