Dem. Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Rails Against the Media's 'Opinions,' ABC's George Stephanopoulos

Nick Kangadis | June 14, 2019
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The media deserves every criticism they receive for the dishonest and agenda-driven reporting they conduct on a daily basis. Now, even some liberals are calling out the media for intentionally doing what’s not in their job descriptions — diverting from news and facts in favor of narrative.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) recently sat down with former Bank of America executive and current founder and CEO of “merchant bank” Farvahar Partners Omeed Malik to talk about the congresswoman’s prospects in the 2020 presidential race, among other topics.

Gabbard had some choice words for NBC and ABC, particularly ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos, when the topic of the media came up.

From the very start of the clip, Gabbard doesn’t hold back on her assessment of how the media handles actually reporting the news:

I think the media has such an incredible responsibility to report news and the truth and that’s just not what we see anymore. We see opinions, we see panels of people on all the news channels — I don’t care which one you watch — sharing their opinions. You can agree or disagree with their opinion but in all of that, the facts and the news are lost.

She’s not wrong. It doesn’t matter what channel you turn on to get some sort of news information, there’s always a slant on it. Even a lot of local news stations get in on the act of giving their viewers biased reports by adding a selective word here and there. You might not notice it, but it’s most definitely there.

Gabbard also spoke of an exchange she had with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos from a recent interview he conducted with her, and the congresswoman from Hawaii couldn’t have been more candid with her take on how things went.

“I did an interview with George Stephanopoulos and he says, ‘Well you know this article in the Daily Beast says Putin supports your campaign,” Gabbard recalled before remembering what her initial reaction was to Stephanopoulos’ claim.

“Based on what?” Gabbard said she thought. “Nothing. Really, nothing.”

Here’s video of Gabbard’s comments:


It’s interesting to note Gabbard’s view of how the media have treated her campaign considering she resides on the left.

“Me and my campaign have been on the receiving end of very intentional smear efforts trying to undermine our campaign coming through, you know, NBC News quoting articles that are completely baseless,” Gabbard said.

It’s not clear whether Gabbard believes that the “smear efforts” against her campaign by the media are a result of some not considering her an establishment democrat or whether it could be something more personal.

Whatever the case might be, Gabbard did put forth some very interesting points when it came to her summary of how the media acts.

H/T: Breitbart

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